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John McHugh, Ray Odierno Point to Acquisition Reforms Amid Tight Budgets

John McHugh
John McHugh

U.S. Army Secretary John McHugh and Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno have highlighted the service’s continued efforts to reform its acquisition process and facilitate efficiency and oversight amid reduced budgets.

“We take stewardship very seriously,” McHugh told the Senate Armed Services Committee during a hearing, according to a report published Wednesday on the Army website.

David Vergun writes that the two officials addressed the need to reduce bureaucracy and bolster the role of service chiefs and lifecycle management and logistics staff in acquisition.

Gen. Ray Odierno
Gen. Ray Odierno

Odierno also stressed that compensation, force structure and infrastructure reforms are needed to prevent shortfalls with the administration’s proposed budget of $126.5 billion for active-duty Army, the report said.

“Anything below the president’s budget compromises our strategic flexibility and inadequately funds readiness and degrades an already underfunded modernization program and impacts our ability to conduct simultaneous operations and shape regional security environments,” Odierno told the committee.

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