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Ray Odierno: British Defense Spending Cuts Could Affect UK, US Joint Operations

Gen. Ray Odierno
Gen. Ray Odierno

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno has warned that steep cuts to the U.K.’s defense budget could affect the British military’s ability to collaborate with U.S. troops in future campaigns, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Con Coughlin and Steven Swinford write Odierno said the U.S. Defense Department needs to adjust military planning in case the British defense agency cannot provide a more than 10,000-member combat brigade to the alliance due to spending cuts.

“We have to adjust our program to make sure we are all able to see that we can still work together,” Odierno told The Telegraph in an interview.

He called on the British government to set aside at least 2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product on defense, according to the newspaper.

Coughlin also reported that budget reductions have forced the British army, navy and air force to reduce force size and fleet programs during the past five years.

Odierno also voiced his concern about shrinking defense allocations of European allies during his interview with The Telegraph.

“As we look to the threats around the world, we need to have multinational solutions,” he told the newspaper.

“They are of concern to everyone, and we need everybody to help, assist and invest.”

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