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Sonny Hashmi Reflects on His Tenure as GSA CIO

Sonny Hashmi
Sonny Hashmi

Sonny Hashmi, formerly chief information officer at the General Services Administration, wrote in a blog post published Friday about multiple initiatives that he has implemented to help GSA manage its information technology operations.

He noted his former office’s efforts to establish guiding principles for agency-wide IT management and modernize core enterprise systems at the agency with cloud computing, mobile and big data technology.

“These initiatives led to not only GSA IT reducing our annual budget by over $120 million, but allowed us to recruit some of the most talented and innovative individuals, as well as provided new opportunities to our workforce,” he stated.

Hashmi said he is optimistic about the future of government IT due to an increasing collaboration between federal agencies and companies to leverage technology to deliver public services.

He added David Shive, director of GSA’s office of enterprise infrastructure, has been appointed to serve as acting GSA CIO when he left the agency for a private-sector role.

Hashmi joined Box as the file-sharing technology company’s federal area strategy lead.

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