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NY Times: US Eyes Retaliation for Gov’t Cyber Attacks

CyberCrimeKeyboardThe White House wants to enforce retaliatory measures against the China-backed source of a cyber attack on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management after the federal government realized the extent of the data breach, the New York Times reported Friday.

David Sanger writes administration officials have considered multiple options such as diplomatic protests, economic sanctions and ouster of Chinese agents in the U.S. during their classified meetings.

Sanger reports the U.S. Justice Department looks to file a legal case against organizations or individuals behind the OPM breach, which compromised more than 20 million personal records.

Intelligence agencies are examining a method to break into a network that prevents Chinese people from expressing dissenting views in a bid to demonstrate how the U.S. can hamper China’s censorship and government control efforts if the country does not diminish its hacking activities, the report said.

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