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Dimitri Kusnezov Nominated NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs

Dimitri Kusnezov

Dimitri Kusnezov, chief scientist at the Energy Department‘s National Nuclear Security Administration, has been nominated to the role of deputy administrator for defense programs at NNSA.

President Barack Obama announced Kusnezov’s nomination on Thursday along with other key administration posts.

Kusnezov, who is also currently a senior adviser to Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, has held several roles at NNSA since entering federal service in 2001.

He has served as acting chief information officer and director of the offices of science and policy, defense science, advanced simulation and computing, and research and development for national security science and technology.

Prior to working at NNSA, he taught physics at Yale University and Michigan State University and was a post-doctoral associate at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.

Kusnezov is a member of the Senior Executive Service.

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