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US to Allocate $120M in 2016 Military Aid for The Philippines

military in trainingThe U.S. government will grant approximately $120 million in military aid to the Philippines in 2016 at the largest amount of support in approximately 15 years , Reuters reported Friday.

Manuel Mogato writes Jose Cuisia, Philippine ambassador to the U.S., told American Chamber of Commerce members in Manila Friday the Philippines is negotiating with the U.S. terms to  a fourth Hamilton-class ship in an effort to patrol waters.

Cuisia said the aid from the U.S. government will help support the Philippines’ defense and security efforts, Reuters reported

Cuisia added the annual military aid increased to $79 million from an estimated $50 million in 2015 while an additional $42 million will be given to Manila under the new U.S. Southeast Asia Maritime Initiative, Mogato wrote.

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