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Lawrence Strickling: NTIA Will Let IANA Contract Expire on October 1

cybersecurityThe National Telecommunications and Information Administration will not renew its Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers after the pact expires on October 1.

NTIA Administrator Lawrence Strickling wrote in a blog post published Tuesday ICANN reported that it has completed or will complete tasks for the IANA transition by the end of the contract term.

The transition marks the last step in an 18-year U.S. government effort to privatize the internet domain name system, Strickling added.

In June, NTIA determined that a proposal from the internet multistakeholder community meets the agency’s criteria on the transition of NTIA’s stewardship role over DNS.

The agency established the criteria in March 2014 while ICANN gathered internet stakeholders to develop a transition plan that will meet NTIA’s requirements.

NTIA partnered with ICANN in 1998 to relinquish the agency’s control over technical DNS coordination and management functions to the private sector.

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