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White House Marks 2nd Anniversary of US Digital Service

digital governmentThe White House has unveiled the U.S. Digital Service’s accomplishments over the last two years to commemorate the second anniversary of USDS.

President Barack Obama announced the creation of the Digital Service on Aug. 11, 2014 with the goal to help streamline the way individuals and businesses engage with agencies online, the White House said Tuesday.

“From modernizing our country’s immigration system to helping students and families make more informed decisions about college selection to developing a unified digital experience for our veterans, this work has reimagined how government services should be provided to the public,” the White House noted.

The Obama administration outlined the progress Digital Service has made to help the government provide services to citizens through technology.

USDS collaborated with the Department of Veterans Affairs to create a new digital application designed to help military veterans obtain health coverage within a short period of time.

The organization also helps the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services to transform the external application and internal review process for immigrants, according to the White House.

Digital Service has also assisted the Defense Department in its travel system modernization and information security efforts.

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