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Cybercom’s Mission Force Teams Reach Initial Operating Capability

Cyber CommandThe U.S. Cyber Command‘s 133 cyber force teams have reached initial operating capability status that authorizes each team to execute their respective fundamental missions.

Cybercom said Monday the groups align with the three primary missions of the Defense Department‘s Cyber Strategy to defend DoD networks and secure data, support joint military commander objectives and as protect the U.S. infrastructure.

The Cyber Mission Force currently includes 5,000 individuals across 133 teams and Cybercom aims to increase the number of members to 6,200.

Each team member will operate at a full mission capacity to plan, direct and synchronize cyberspace operations for cyber deterrence against adversaries, the command added.

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, Cybercom commander, said the U.S. military services’ recognition of cyber as a mission set that needs dedicated expertise helped the DoD train and build the Cyber Mission Force.

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