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Deltek Report: Presidential Transition Will Have Minimal Effect on Federal IT Contracting

cyberwarfareDeltek has released a new report on the presidential transition process, current federal environment and past impacts of administration changes on federal contracting along with analysis of candidates’ agendas, policy positions and potential impact on federal budgets, human capital and programs.

The company said Tuesday its Impact of the Presidential Transition 2016-2017 report shows both presidential candidates have promised to invest on the Department of Veterans Affairs and Defense Department.

According to the study, the administration transition will also have little effect on information technology budgets or contract spending because of the lack of full budgetary power until more than a year into the next president’s new term.

“Historically, changes in presidential administrations have not significantly impacted IT budgets or contract spending,” said Angie Petty, a senior principal research analyst at Deltek.

“However, policy changes and implementation could begin as early as within six months of inauguration, and probably sooner for those related to central campaign platforms.”

Deltek added that agency leadership changes will have the most impact on federal IT investments but movements such as data center optimization, Better Buying Power program and Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act will be unaffected by the new administration.

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