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Gen. Robert Abrams: Army Needs More Training to Adopt New Tech, Prep for Conflicts

military in trainingGen. Robert Abrams, chief of U.S. Army Forces Command, sees a greater need for training opportunities to help service branch personnel adopt new technologies and prepare for future multi-domain conflicts.

Abrams noted soldiers at present maintain a ratio of about 1-to-1.3 in terms of deployed time versus dwell time for skill development, the Army said Friday.

“Our No. 1 constraint for training is time available,” Abrams told an Association of the U.S. Army discussion on readiness.

“Our commitments worldwide across the globe in support of our combatant commanders remain at a very high level, while we continue to simultaneously downsize the total force,” he said.

The Army noted the force reduction effort and the number of non-deployable soldiers add to the challenges faced by the service as it aims to build up combined-arms capabilities for future conflicts.

Abrams said the Army needs to conduct live environment training exercises in order to build up soldiers’ mastery level in combined-arms maneuvers.

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