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Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh: Marine Corps Wants Wider Robotic Applications

Robert Walsh

Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, deputy commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, sees unmanned systems as tools to help the military branch surpass its enemies in terms of force size, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday.

Sydney Freedberg Jr. writes Walsh has solicited industry input for amphibious systems meant for deployment in the front line in an effort to help minimize casualties in future landing operations.

“Instead of Marines being the first wave in, it’s unmanned robotics, whether it’s in the air or the surface or subsurface,” Walsh told the AUVSI Unmanned Systems Defense conference, according to the report.

He also highlighted other robotic applications the Marine Corps seeks to address such as air and ground operations, Freedberg reports.

Walsh said the Marine Corps seeks a manned fighter to launch drones before it retreats to act as a digital quarterback in order to maintain crew safety during aerial missions, the report says.

He added that the Marines’ Light Armored Reconnaissance troops also work to detect threats on the ground, Breaking Defense reports.

“We find more mass, more affordable, because unmanned systems are going to be less expensive,” Walsh told the conference, Freedberg reports.

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