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Robert Work: DoD Should Increase Multidomain Warfare Focus

Robert Work
Robert Work

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work has said he believes the Defense Department should develop strategies to help the U.S. military fight and win on a multidomain battlefield, DoD News reported Tuesday.

Jim Garamone writes Work told the annual Association of the U.S. Army meeting in Washington that some countries have worked to modernize their respective forces and currently develop precision-guided strike power that can potentially erode the U.S. military in a major conventional war.

Work added the tactical and operational use of technology can play a role in the race for military superiority and the U.S. military faces challenges such constrained resources as well as potential enemy advances in precision-strike, C2, electromagnetic and cyberspace systems.

“We are going to have to maneuver across all operational domains … Multidomain battle envisions a future where you synchronize cross-domain fires and maneuver in all domains to achieve physical, temporal and positional advantages,” said Work.

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