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Report: Anti-IS Group Air Warfare Spending Reaches $11B

The U.S. Defense Department has spent a total of $10.72 billion on the air campaign against the Islamic State militant group since operations started in June 2014, DoD Buzz reported Thursday.

Oriana Pawlyk writes DoD’s latest figures indicate total spending on Operation Inherent Resolve has almost doubled from the $5.5 billion reported in 2015.

The U.S. Air Force accounted for approximately 67 percent of the costs while the U.S. Army paid for 17 percent; the U.S. Navy shouldered 12 percent; and the Special Operations Command contributed 8 percent, Pawlyk reported.

Forty percent of total costs covered air support; munitions accounted for 22 percent; and 19 percent went to logistical support, DoD Buzz stated.

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