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Army Seeks Cyber Strategic Force Integration in Tactical Missions

The U.S. Army has performed experiments as part of a pilot program that seeks to utilize cyber and electromagnetic activities to determine if cyber strategic forces can support tactical operations, C4ISR and Networks reported Thursday.

Mark Pomerleau writes the CEMA Support to Corps and Below initiative looks to embed cyber forces with brigade combat teams through a cyber directorate led by Army Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost.

Frost said the newly established directorate has commenced CEMA operations with the goal to integrate cyberspace operations, information operations and EW at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin in California.

The Army also plans to establish a new electronic warfare detachment that will conduct electromagnetic missions, according to the report.

Pomerleau reported the service branch will also collaborate with the Cyber Command and U.S. Marine Corps to identify the type of support ground teams require.

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