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DHS Unveils $1.6B in Emergency Preparedness Grant Opportunities; John Kelly Comments

The Department of Homeland Security has allocated up to $1.6 billion for 10 preparedness grant programs intended to help non-federal government agencies, nonprofit organizations and companies prepare for natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other emergency situations.

DHS said Friday the fiscal year 2017 funding grants represent the department’s push to fulfill the country’s immediate security needs and maintain public safety in state, local, tribal and territorial communities.

The department aims to support up to regional preparedness efforts in 33 high-threat urban areas through the Urban Area Security Initiative.

DHS will also provide funds to law enforcement and terrorism prevention efforts across the country to help communities prepare for and respond to activities that may be indicators of terrorist activity.

“The administration remains committed to strengthening the security and resilience of our state and local communities,” said Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Kelly added that funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will help recipients develop and sustain preparedness tools at various levels of government and communities.

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