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GSA to Acquire Office Spaces to Meet Census 2020 Requirements

The General Services Administration plans to procure area census offices across the country to help fulfill a Census Bureau requirement for short-term leases as part of the Census 2020 program.

GSA said Thursday that it will lease the spaces through the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program to help agency employees and encourage citizens to participate in the census survey.

The agency noted that results of the survey will help determine the apportionment of congressional districts, as well as the distribution of federal funding to be used for various programs.

GSA posted multiple sources sought notices on the FedBizOpps website to provide information on requirement details for potential vendors.

Interested parties can submit proposals via the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program application system on the GSA website until Aug. 7, 2017.

The agency will also launch a second wave of requests for proposals in October to fulfill requirements for the remaining locations.

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