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Internet Association Asks FCC to Maintain Net Neutrality Rules

The Internet Association has called on the Federal Communications Commission to retain net neutrality rules, The Hill reported Monday.

The move to undo the 2015 net neutrality rules “will create significant uncertainty in the market and upset the careful balance that has led to the current virtuous circle of innovation in the broadband ecosystem,” IA said in a document filed with FCC Monday.

The trade group submitted the comments in response to the proposed rule-making notice that seeks to overturn the rules.

The organization conducted research and found that net neutrality rules do not have a negative effect on investments in broadband infrastructure and that network operators’ investments have continued to increase yearly since 2009.

IA also found an annual increase in cable broadband speeds between 2014 and 2016 as a result of the implementation of net neutrality rules.

The association represents internet firms such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, the report noted.

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