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Air Force Cyber Squadron Supports Nuclear Treaty Monitoring Mission

A cyber squadron within the U.S. Air Force‘s Technical Applications Center aims to standardize its enterprise to further support AFTAC’s nuclear treaty monitoring efforts.

The Cyber Capabilities Squadron also plans to form a mission defense team that will carry out cyberspace defense operations for mission critical systems at the center, the Air Force said Tuesday.

“This pathfinder initiative takes aim at protecting the mission’s crown jewels,” said CYCS Commander Maj. Nathan Loyd.

“It is an important shift in posture to ensure AFTAC is able to execute its treaty monitoring mission across air, sea, space and cyberspace,” Loyd added.

AFTAC works to monitor all nations’ compliance with the nuclear weapons testing ban through a network of 3,600 worldwide sensors that collect data on the magnitude, yield and location of nuclear explosions.

CYSC is comprised of 150 military, civilian and contractor personnel that deliver information technology services to AFTAC.

The squadron oversees and sustains AFTAC’s servers, long haul communications systems, databases, hardware and software.

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