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Marines Conduct Nighttime Aerial Refueling Exercise in Japan

U.S. Marine Corps troops in Iwakuni, Japan have commenced a nighttime aerial refueling exercise in aims to improve operational readiness and pilot proficiency.

The Defense Department said Friday the Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 152 or VMGR-152 refueled Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121’s F-35B Lightning II aircraft and Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251’s F/A-18C Hornets using a KC-130J Hercules aircraft.

“Every 180 days the squadrons should have completed at least five successful movement-to-contact scenarios with tankers to stay proficient,” said Marine Corps Maj. Brian Miller, aircraft commander at VMGR-152.

“We practice this because if we’re conducting a real-world scenario it’s not always going to be during the day. It could be in inclement weather at night,” Miller added.

The effort aims to train marines to provide aerial refueling and assault support for the Marine air-ground task force, regardless of condition and operation type.

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