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NAVAIR Seeks ‘Capabilities-Based’ Procurement Approach for Warfighter Equipment

The Naval Air Systems Command aims to develop and implement a “capabilities-based” acquisition strategy in a push to ensure that U.S. armed forces will receive fully integrated technology platforms.

Vice Adm. Paul Crosklags, commander of NAVAIR, said in a statement published Friday he believes such approach will work to help warfighters to train immediately soon after they have received a new system.

“My belief is that through this capabilities-based acquisition process, we can deliver an interoperable product on day one for our warfighters,” Crosklags told a panel discussion held Tuesday at the I/ITSEC 2017 event in Florida.

He pointed to the Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air architecture as a “high-end capability” that he thinks should incorporate live, virtual and constructive training scenarios.

“We still don’t have that capability built into the baseline when it’s delivered to our operators.”

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