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USAF to Deliver Final Upgraded F-16 Batch to Indonesia

The U.S. Air Force‘s Ogden Air Logistics Complex has completed a five-year effort to refurbish 24 Lockheed Martin-built F-16 Fighting Falcon jets for the Indonesian air force under an aircraft acquisition and refurbishment agreement between the two service branches.

The Air Force said Wednesday it will deliver the last six of 24 Block-25 C and D variants of the upgraded F-16s to Indonesia via a trans-Pacific flight.

The jets warehoused by the Ogden ALC’s 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group were previously part of the Air Force and Air National Guard fleets.

Ogden ALC offered to modernize 19 single-seat F-16Cs and five two-seater F16-Ds for Indonesia in 2011 as part of the U.S. Excess Defense Articles program, Defense News reported Saturday.

The report said the $750 million upgrade package includes new AN/ALE-47 countermeasures dispenser systems from BAE Systems, AN/APG-68 radar systems from Northrop Grumman, AN/ALR-69 radar warning receivers from Raytheon and AN/ALQ-213 electronic warfare management systems from Terma.

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