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Afghan Govt Looks to SkyLink Aviation and Afghan Jet International Partnership as Part of Effort to Bolster National Infrastructure and Aviation Sector

              Afghan officials announced last week that construction will soon start on a “major” aircraft maintenance workshop at Kandahar International Airport as more airlines plan to fly routes through the city and establish nearby operations. The development comes as more activity picks up surrounding …

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Michael Lopez-Alegria Talks His Transition From NASA Astronaut to Leading the Commercial Spaceflight Federation & the Benefits of the CSF Mission

Michael Lopez-Alegria brings a three-decade background of service from NASA and the U.S. Navy to his role as president of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, a Washington-based trade association. The retired Navy captain and former astronaut has commanded one mission to the International Space Station and holds three records for U.S. …

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Ruppersberger First Congressional Intell Leader to Advocate Move Away From Bulk Phone Data Collection

Maryland Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger is refining a system that he wants to replace the National Security Agency‘s practice of collecting Americans’ phone data in bulk, the Washington Post reports. Ellen Nakashima writes that by announcing he is crafting the system into legislation, Ruppersberger became the first of the four congressional intelligence panel …

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Graham Plaster on Improving Veterans’ Job Searches in the National Security Sector, the Evolving Nature of Recruitment, and Addressing Collaboration Gaps

Graham Plaster is the president and CEO of the Intelligence Community, a network and resource center that seeks to better connect stakeholders in the national security community through networking and other channels, including an exclusive networking site, LinkedIn group, and events. A former U.S. Navy Foreign Area Officer, Plaster also …

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