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Gates Meets With, Reassures Defense Execs

Defense Secretary Robert Gates met with top executives from major defense contracting firms to reiterate the importance of fulfilling contracts on time and on budget, while assuring the relationship between the federal government and defense contractors will continue to be mutually beneficial moving forward. In attendance were leaders from major …

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Technology Breach Calls for Action

A recent technology breach by the Chinese government into U.S. systems has called attention to the issue of Internet freedom. The intrusion was into the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, Google Inc., financial institutions, defense contractors, and several other technology companies in Silicon Valley. The U.S. government has …

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Branding of ‘CyberMaryland’

Maryland wants to be the “silicon valley of cyber security.” Just yesterday, state officials, including Gov. Martin O’Malley, launched a movement to bring more cybersecurity to the state through jobs and research. And it makes perfect sense. Maryland is home to top universities like Johns Hopkins, several major military installations, …

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Admiral Mullen Speaks at GWU

The chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke to an audience at George Washington University yesterday, January 7th, about issues concerning national security. Due to recent instances of failed intelligence, Admiral Mullen was asked several questions concerning U.S. intelligence agencies and their efforts. The failed attempt, …

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National Health Security Strategy

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released yesterday The National Health Security Strategy, which addresses the protection of public health services during a large-scale emergency. In the event of health threats or incidents with negative health consequences, such as Bioterrorism or natural disasters, the strategy will reinforce actions that strengthen and sustain …

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