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EPA Endangerment Findings Cause Controversy

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency signed two findings regarding greenhouse gases adding them to the Clean Air Act. These two findings named endangerment findings and cause or contribute findings help define which gases contribute the most to greenhouse effect. Endangerment findings state that six well-mixed gases at the …

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New Funds for Green Energy

Early this week the Department of Energy confirmed an additional $100 billion will be awarded to advanced energy research projects.  This announcement comes just days before the much anticipated Copenhagen Summit. Many anticipate that diplomats attending will put pressure on the United States to up their clean energy efforts. Last …

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Green Supercomputers at Nuclear Security Agency

You may be surprised to see the word “green” and “supercomputers” being used together, but the National Security Agency recently received computers that lead the industry in both energy efficiency and processing power. In fact, these computers have made both the Green500 List as well as the Top500 List, which …

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New EPA Report and the Unresolved Bill

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed a report that the carbon dioxide emission levels that come from new vehicles has gone down for the 5th year in a row. This is good news from the EPA, since rising carbon dioxide emissions is one of the major contributors to global warming. …

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GSA Headquarters Will Be Model Green Structure

The GSA headquarters was constructed in 1918 and is about to go under some major re-construction. The GSA building on 18th and F street is one of a group of buildings that will be going under reconstruction through the Recovery Act funding. According to a FederalNewsRadio interview, Kevin Kampschrorer, GSA’s …

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