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More Healthy Options at Agency Cafeterias

The Obama Administration has tried to push the idea of health and well-being to federal employees. GovernmentExecutive is testing these efforts by sampling the cafeteria food at the different government agencies. Apparently, the Agriculture Department has passed their test. According to GovernmentExecutive, the Agriculture Department has nutritional information available at …

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Dr. David Blumenthal on Health IT Perspective

The New England Journal of Medicine published Dr. David Blumenthal’s perspective on Health IT and the provisions of the HITECH Act on December 30th, 2009. Blumenthal is the head of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and his standpoint is that Health IT is vital. In fact, …

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Push for Electronic Health Records

Yesterday at a health policy panel, a top executive stated that most lab reports are still on paper. In order to have a national electronic health record system, this is one of the key components and steps: digitizing lab tests. There are about 200,000 medical labs in the United States …

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HHS Keeps President’s Promise of Transparency

Three ideas from the Department of Health and Human Services are results of the accessible federal decision making process. In a press released dated this week, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that the Information Streaming, IdeaLab and YouTube “What To Do About the Flu and Prevention PSA Contest” have been made …

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Universities Respond to need for Healthcare Informatics Professionals

Recently healthcare informatics seems to be a buzzword in both the healthcare and education industries. As Congress pushes for a new healthcare system and information technology advances both converge in healthcare informatics and educators are taking notice. Now many colleges and universities across the world are offering degree programs in …

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Health IT Training Grants at HHS

The Department of Health and Human Services made known last week that there is $80 million in new health IT training grants. These new grants are aimed at strengthening the country’s health IT labor force. The grants are broken down into two different categories: community college training programs ($70 million) …

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