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NRO Marks 50 Years with Largest Spy Satellite Launch

The National Reconnaissance Office, the agency responsible for designing, building and operating the nation’s reconnaissance satellites celebrates its 50th birthday this year. And, in addition to its renewed sense of mission for the 21st century, the agency also has a milestone under its belt — the launch of the largest …

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Multimodality: The Brave New World of Biometrics

With all the attention and outrage over the Department of Homeland Security’s full-body scanners now in place at airports around the country, another technology seems to have slipped under the radar. Biometrics describes systems that collect data – fingerprints, for example – and then match them to an information bank …

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Battle Tested: Fight and Flight?

Over the past year, while major weapons systems have been canceled left and right as defense budgets have shrunk, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have remained a bright spot in the market. In fact, some industry analysts predict the global market for UAVs will top $11.5 billion annually by 2020. However, while …

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Insider Trading: Legal When it’s Inside the Beltway?

Here’s a riddle for you: How can you make stock trades based on information that hasn’t been made public yet AND avoid jail time? Run for Congress. That’s right, even though Congress has an unprecedented stake in America’s economy, being a majority shareholder in GM, exerting unprecedented control over the …

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Defense Consolidation: The End of In-Sourcing?

In March, the Government Accountability Office released a report updating long-term fiscal projections and predicting an “unsustainable” growth in the federal deficit – reaching World War II highs as early as 2020. To trim the budget, Robert M. Gates has cut $340 billion in life-cycle costs from the Pentagon’s long-term …

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Continuing Resolutions Often a Headache for Contractors

The recent showdown over Senate approval of defense appropriations highlights the reliance on continuing resolutions to keep government agencies, as well as the companies they do business with afloat. But it’s often a bumpy ride, experts say. A continuing resolution is the legal authority approved by Congress if an appropriations …

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