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Energy Dept Invests $125M in Energy Tech Projects; Ernest Moniz Comments

Ernest Moniz

The Energy Department has awarded $125 million to support various technology projects intended to help meet the nation’s energy requirements. Universities, small and large businesses, national laboratories and nonprofit organizations will develop energy systems under the department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy OPEN 2015 program, the Energy Department said Monday. “The …

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GAO Urges Congress to Make DoD’s Subcontracting Plan Test Program Permanent


The Government Accountability Office recommends that the Defense Department collaborate with Congress to make the Test Program for Negotiation of Comprehensive Small Business Subcontracting Plans permanent. GAO said Monday the program has helped 12 participating companies to save a combined $18.5 million in administrative costs during fiscal 2013. DoD launched the program in 1990 to …

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NASA to Fly New Space Tech Payloads


NASA is set to launch eight space technology payloads on reduced gravity flights aboard aircraft and commercial suborbital reusable launch vehicles. The space agency said Wednesday it selected five technology payloads for parabolic flights, two projects for sRLV flights and one payload for both flight platforms. The technologies are set …

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