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Reports: Senate’s Fiscal 2017 Defense Bill Faces WH Veto Threat

The White House has threatened to veto a Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2017 over provisions that would impose organizational changes at the Pentagon and block planned closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison, The Hill newspaper reported Tuesday. Rebecca Kheel writes the Senate’s defense policy bill includes a …

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Senate Committee OKs $574B Defense Budget for Fiscal 2017

The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed a bill that would authorize $515.9 billion for the Defense Department‘s base expenditures and another $58.6 billion wartime overseas contingency programs in fiscal 2017, Defense News reported Thursday. Joe Gould writes defense authorization bill, which the committee unanimously approved Thursday, will now go to the full Senate for …

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SASC Wants to Keep DoD RD-180 Rocket Engine Purchase Limited to 9

A fiscal 2017 defense policy bill approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday includes language to restrict the number of RD-180 engines that the Defense Department can purchase from Russia to no more than nine engines, SpacePolicyOnline.com reported Thursday. Marcia Smith writes the number is only half of the RD-180 potential procurements that the House Armed Services …

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Report: House Committee-Approved Fiscal 2017 NDAA Contains ‘Open Systems’ Provision

A defense policy bill the House Armed Services Committee approved two weeks ago contains a provision that would require the Defense Department to implement open architecture-based weapon systems “to the maximum extent practicable,” Federal News Radio reported Wednesday. Jared Serbu writes an earlier version of the committee’s 2017 National Defense Authorization Act had called for …

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PSC Urges House Committee Not to Consider Bid Protest Process Reform Proposals

The Professional Services Council has voiced concerns about two potential amendments to a fiscal 2017 defense authorization bill that would reform the current bid protest process for government contracts. PSC said Wednesday the House Armed Services Committee should forego consideration of measures that the council believes would not help lessen the …

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House Subcommittee Endorses Creation of Military Cyber Opposition Force Training Program

The House Armed Services Committee’s emerging threats and capabilities subcommittee voted Thursday to endorse the inclusion of cyber opposition forces to U.S. military training programs, Nextgov reported Monday. Aliya Sternstein writes language in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act calls on the Defense Department to establish a program for certifying and training cyber opposition forces. The report …

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