Report: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Eye Excess US MRAP Vehicles

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are all vying to acquire mine resistant ambush protected vehicles the U.S. says it does not need, Defense News reported Tuesday. Jeff Schogol writes ...

U.S. to Sell Military Equipment, Hardware to Afghanistan as Troops Prepare for Departure

As U.S. troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, the military is planning to sell used equipment and hardware to nearby countries while also considering the complicated relations in the ...

John Sopko: Contractor Best Practices, Audit Publicity to Help Afghan Rebuilding Efforts

The special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction spoke with a contractor group about the need for lessons learned to help the rebuilding efforts as U.S. troops prepare to ...
Juan Zarate, CSIS - ExecutiveMosaic

Juan Zarate on Undermining Terrorist Financial Networks, Adapting to Asymmetric Threats & the Evolution of the Anti-Money Laundering System

This is the second part of an interview with Juan Zarate, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and author of Treasury’s War: The Unleashing of ...

James Miller: Afghanistan Security Responsibility Transition to Finish This Year

Outgoing Defense Policy Undersecretary James Miller said Tuesday that the U.S.’ effort to transition full security responsibility in Afghanistan to domestic troops there will ...
india afghanistan flag

Report: India, Afghanistan Agree to Strengthen Security, Defense Ties

India could expand its involvement in post -9/11 Afghanistan with provisions of military supplies and equipment to the Central Asian country, Defense News reported Thursday. Vivek Raghuvanshi ...
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Afghan Govt. Urged to Sign U.S. Security Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry and NATO officials have advised the Afghan government to sign a security deal meant to insure the presence of some U.S. troops in the country beyond ...

Anders Fogh Rasmussen: NATO to Withdraw All Troops Without U.S.-Afghanistan Accord

NATO is warning it could end its military presence in Afghanistan if that country’s president does not sign a post-2014 security accord with the U.S., Reuters reported Monday. Adrian ...
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Report: Pakistan Appoints New Military Chief

The Pakistani government has chosen Lt. Gen. Raheel Sharif, a career infantry officer, to serve as the country’s next army chief, Reuters reported Wednesday. Mehreen Zahra-Malik ...

Report: U.S., Afghanistan Reach Security Pact, Deal to Be Presented to Tribal Assembly

The U.S. and Afghanistan have reached a security partnership agreement that will take effect after the U.S. pulls out its military troops from the Central Asian country in 2014, the ...

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