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EPA Endangerment Findings Cause Controversy

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency signed two findings regarding greenhouse gases adding them to the Clean Air Act. These two findings named endangerment findings and cause or contribute findings help define which gases contribute the most to greenhouse effect. Endangerment findings state that six well-mixed gases at the …

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New EPA Report and the Unresolved Bill

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed a report that the carbon dioxide emission levels that come from new vehicles has gone down for the 5th year in a row. This is good news from the EPA, since rising carbon dioxide emissions is one of the major contributors to global warming. …

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EPA Awards Maryland Healthcare Facilities

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded six different Maryland hospitals the Trailblazer Award for their environmental excellence and leadership. T his is the first time the EPA has awarded facilities in Maryland. The hospitals that received this award were: The VA Maryland Health Care System, Atlantic General Hospital, Montgomery General Hospital, …

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