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FCC OKs National Broadband Subsidy for Low-Income Internet Users


The Federal Communications Commission has expanded its Lifeline phone-subsidy program in a move to help low-income consumers gain access to Internet broadband service. R. David Edelman, special assistant to the president for economic and technology policy, wrote in a blog entry posted Thursday that FCC’s national broadband subsidy supports a White House program that seeks to connect …

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FCC Proposes Usage Rules for Wireless Broadband Above 24 GHz; Tom Wheeler Comments


The Federal Communications Commission has proposed new rules for higher-frequency wireless broadband services in support of efforts to establish a regulatory environment for mobile technologies that operate in frequencies above 24 gigahertz. FCC said Thursday its proposals cover authorization schemes and flexible-use service rules for the 28 GHz, 37 GHz, 39 GHz and 64 …

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FCC Appoints TIA Director Brian Scarpelli as Cyber Working Group’s Co-Chairman; Scott Belcher Comments


The Federal Communications Commission has named Brian Scarpelli, director of government affairs at the Telecommunications Industry Association, co-chairman of a cybersecurity-focused working group under FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council. Scarpelli will co-lead CSRIC’s Secure Hardware and Software — Security by Design group with Joel Molinoff, chief information security officer …

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David Bray: FCC Updates IT System

David Bray

The Federal Communications Commission has updated its information technology system. David Bray, the FCC’s chief information officer, said Tuesday the agency’s team migrated over 200 legacy servers to a commercial service provider. The goal is to help minimize maintenance costs and bolster the IT system’s resiliency as part of the FCC’s …

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NIST Forms Alliance on mmWave Channel Modeling for Wireless Comm


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has partnered with industry and academia to form an alliance that seeks to address challenges in the development of future wireless communications technology. NIST said Tuesday the 5G mmWave Channel Model Alliance will work toward an increase in frequencies of wireless channels through 3-D channel modeling at millimeter wavelengths …

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