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House Subcommittee to Review National Security Space Programs; Rep. Mike Rogers Comments

Mike Rogers

The House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces subcommittee, led by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama), will hold a hearing Tuesday to tackle national security space programs. Rogers said in a statement published Friday a new Government Accountability Office report showed that 60 different stakeholders take part in decisionmaking about space-related acquisition efforts at the Defense Department. “As we see serious …

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GAO Outlines DoD’s Planned Nuclear Force Structure Under Arms Reduction Treaty With Russia


The Defense Department plans to retain 240 submarine-launched ballistic missiles, 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 60 heavy bombers as part DoD’s New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia. The Government Accountability Office said Thursday DoD considered nuclear force reductions as part of reviews after the 2010 Nuclear Posture Review such as the 2013 Strategic Choices Management Review and DoD’s …

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GAO: VA Should Develop New Procurement System Procedures

Veterans Affairs Department logo

The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Department of Veterans Affairs establish procedures to record obligations in the procurement system and address the implementation of the contract liaison initiative. A report GAO published Friday says the VA could make its multi-billion dollar procurement spending more effective and efficient in areas such as data …

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Rep. Ralph Abraham Proposes Bill to Hold Federal Agency Heads Accountable for Cyber Breaches


Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-Louisiana) has introduced a bill that seeks to help federal agencies build up their cybersecurity procedures and hold agency heads accountable for failure to enforce measures needed to prevent cyber attacks. The proposed “Cybersecurity Responsibility and Accountability Act” would direct the director of the National Institutes of …

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GAO Study Identifies VA Procurement Process Mgmt Challenges

acquisition policy

The Government Accountability Office has identified various factors such as incomplete data and outdated policies that GAO says pose challenges to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ buying process. GAO said Friday it observed that insufficient recording of procurement data limits VA’s view of department spending and that its fragmented procurement policy framework prevents contracting officers from …

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GAO: DoD Should Monitor Timelines, Collaborate With Labor Dept on Federal Employees Compensation Concerns

investment money exchange

The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Defense Department to communicate with the Labor Department and monitor Federal Employees’ Compensation Act claims-management actions timelines to identify areas in which delays may occur. A GAO published Thursday says 47,340 DoD civilian employees covered 17 percent of FECA’s claimants in 2015 with 56 percent of the …

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