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GAO: DoD Should Define Roles of Military Heads Under Strategic Planning Process


The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Defense Department define the role of chief military officers and deputy chief military officers in the militaryt’s strategic planning process. According to a report published Wednesday GAO also suggested the alignment of DOD’s and military departments’ business transformation goals and objectives under that Agency …

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GAO: USACE Should Develop Info Recording Guidance on Nonfederal Sponsor-Led Water Projects

Army Corps of Engineers

The Government Accountability Office has called on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to create a guidance for information recording on federal water resources projects undertaken by nonfederal sponsors. GAO said Tuesday USACE headquarters does not monitor information on nonfederal sponsor-led federal water resources projects such as reimbursements that the Corps has …

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GAO: OMB, Federal Agencies Implemented 46% of 800 Auditors’ IT Reform Recommendations


Federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget have implemented 46 percent of the Government Accountability Office‘s 800 recommendations on information technology acquisitions and operations management. GAO said Tuesday the number of implementations as of October 2016 reflects a 23 percent increase compared to the percentage reported in 2015. Auditors added agencies …

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CBO: FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act to Cost $1M Per Year


The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that it would cost approximately $1 million per year to implement a bill that seeks to boost legal protections for FBI employees who report abuse, fraud and misuse related to government activities. CBO said Monday the enactment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of …

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GAO: DoD Should Update Workload Shortfall Calculation Guidance, Offer Congress More Info

DoD logo resize

The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Defense Department update guidance on the calculation of workload shortfalls and provide Congress with additional information on future reports to help bolster oversight. A GAO report published Monday says DoD’s 2016 Biennial Core Report complied with two out of three Section 2464-required reporting elements and partially complied with the …

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GAO: FAA Should Review Regulatory Framework for Space Support Vehicles, Clarify Financial Responsibility Rules to Spaceport Operators


The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Transportation Department’s secretary to call on the Federal Aviation Administration chief to analyze whether FAA’s regulatory structure is applicable to space support vehicles. DOT should also suggest modifications to regulations to FAA if it finds that the regulatory framework is not suitable for such vehicles, …

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GAO: Navy Should Designate Specific Unit to Oversee Assessments of New Contracting Strategy Implementation


The Government Accountability Office has recommended the U.S. Navy assign systematic assessment tasks on the implementation of the service branch’s Multiple Award Contract, Multi Order contracting strategy to a single entity. A report GAO posted Monday says the Navy does not possess a systematic process to assess overall implementation of MAC-MO that involves the …

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GAO Reviews FAA’s NextGen Modernization Program


A new government audit says the Federal Aviation Administration has received an estimated $7.4 billion for activities to implement a program designed to transform current radar-based air transportation systems into one product that will utilize automated aircraft position reporting, digital communications and satellite navigation. FAA has received funds for the Next Generation …

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GAO: DoD Should Include Acquisition Program Systems Engineering Status in Budget Request

budget analysis review

The Government Accountability Office has recommended that Congress require the Defense Department to include the systems engineering status of major acquisition programs in the DoD’s annual budget request. GAO said Thursday the department can avoid delays and cost overruns through early, detailed systems engineering before programs start. Auditors assessed nine DoD programs and …

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GAO: DoD Ulitility Disruptions Cost More Than $29M From 2009 to 2015

transmission tower against the sun during sunset

The Government Accountability Office has found that Defense Department-owned utility systems experienced 4,393 instances of disruptions due to equipment failure from fiscal years 2009 through 2015. DoD installation officials claimed the utility disruptions led to more than $29 million in financial impacts as well as operational consequences such as a week-long shutdown of operations …

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