GAO Report: Air Force Must Improve Morale of Drone Pilots

The Government Accountability Office has released a report detailing the unhappy morale of U.S. Air Force drone pilots and suggestions to better retain qualified candidates, DefenseNews ...

GAO: HHS Should Re-Examine EHR Program Strategies

The Government Accountability Office has urged the Department of Health and Human Services to realign its electronic health record programs strategies with intended goals. Participation ...

GAO: Agencies Rescoped, Delayed Contracts Under FY 2013 Sequester

Many agencies rescoped or delayed contracts or grants during fiscal year 2013 due to sequestration and seven said they had to furlough at least 770,000 employees for between one and ...
Gene Dodaro

Gene Dodaro: GAO Seeks 4% Funding Increase to Aid Staff, IT Needs

Gene Dodaro Government Accountability Office Comptroller General Gene Dodaro has requested a budget increase for the agency in fiscal year 2015 to hire new staff and work on information ...

GAO Wants DHS, Other Agencies to Protect Emergency Response Systems from Cyberattacks

A new Government Accountability Office report released Tuesday recommends that the Department of Homeland Security should partner with other agencies to secure IP-based emergency response ...
David Walker

Ex-GAO Chief David Walker: Proposed Board to Help Assess Federal Processes, Carry Out Reforms

A consortium is campaigning for the creation of a Government Transformation Board to monitor operations of federal agencies and implement changes when needed, a law that former U.S. ...

GAO Finds DoD Budget Shifts Helped Manage Sequestration Cuts

The Defense Department’s decision to shift funding in order to comply with $37 billion in mandated sequestration cuts earlier this year helped offset impacts on areas such as the ...

GAO Reviews USPS Proposed Health Benefits Plan

A Government Accountability Office review of a U.S. Postal Service plan to develop its own health insurance scheme has found that employees will likely end up paying more for the benefit, ...

GAO: Strategic Sourcing Could Help Govt Save $50B Per Year

A new report by the Government Accountability Office says strategic sourcing initiatives could generate at least $50 billion in annual savings for the U.S. government, Fedscoop reported ...

GAO Examines Contractor Exec Pay

The Government Accountability Office estimates that more than 3,400 executives from 27 defense contractors would have exceeded the current salary cap if their annual pay was mandated ...

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