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GAO: DoD Conducts Global Launch Market Data Analysis to Develop Acquisition Strategy for EELV Program


A Government Accountability Office report says the Defense Department has initiated steps to create a procurement strategy for the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program in order to allow more than two U.S. launch providers to compete for military satellite launch contracts. GAO said in a report released Friday DoD has started to collect …

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GAO Urges Federal Agencies to Identify Opportunities for Budget Requirements Standardization


The Government Accountability Office has called on the Office of Management and Budget, the Energy Department, NASA, the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation to explore strategies to standardize budget or procurement requirements. GAO said Friday it interviewed officials from universities and stakeholder organizations and they pinpointed factors that contribute to …

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GAO Urges USPTO to Address Patent Quality Definition, Examiner Incentives & Patent Application Clarity


The Government Accountability Office has called on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to articulate a comprehensive definition for patent quality, address the clarity of patent applications and reassess time allotted for application examinations. GAO said in a report published Wednesday district court filings of patent infringement lawsuits increased to more than 5,000 in 2015 from approximately 2,000 …

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Lamar Smith Seeks OPM Response on Cyber Posture, Data Breaches


House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) has asked acting Office of Personnel Management chief Beth Cobert for documents and responses on inquiries related to OPM’s cybersecurity posture and causes of data breaches in the agency. Smith said in that letter to Cobert sent Tuesday the Government Accountability Office has conducted a study that identified foreign cyber attacks as a …

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GAO: DoD Should Define Joint Information Environment Scope, Update Security Planning Strategy


The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Defense Department fully define the Joint Information Environment‘s scope and projected cost as well as create strategies to address DoD’s workforce and security planning. GAO said Thursday DoD has began efforts to update JIE governance structure and processes including steps to identify decisions and processes the department is …

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Senate Bill Seeks to Expand Emergency Telecom Services Access


A bill introduced in the Senate would require the Federal Communications Commission to explore new methods to expand telecommunications services access in the event of a natural disaster. The Securing Access to Networks in Disasters Act of 2016 would also mandate that the Government Accountability Office examine potential strategies for the government to increase security of emergency communications …

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GAO: VA, DoD Need Outcome-Oriented Goals for EHR Systems Interoperability


The Government Accountability Office has said the departments of Defense and Veteran Affairs have not defined outcome-oriented goals and metrics to support interoperability between both entities’ electronic health records systems. GAO said Wednesday DoD and the VA determined separate modernization efforts would be more cost effective than a joint system development but neither department has a comparison of …

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Dan Tangherlini: GSA’s 18F Unit Helps Refresh Federal IT Acquisition Efforts


Dan Tangherlini, former General Services Administration chief, has said he believes GSA’s 18F organization should be given a chance to help foster innovation and modernize federal government information technology acquisition in an interview with Government Technology posted Tuesday. “People are deeply satisfied with the work that 18F is doing … this is an internal government agency …

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GAO: Coast Guard to Address Arctic Regional Operation Capacity Gaps


The U.S. Coast Guard plans to develop specific measures for its Arctic region activities in an effort to systematically assess potential effects of its operations on the mitigation of operation capacity gaps in support of a Government Accountability Office recommendation. GAO said Tuesday the service branch has worked with Arctic partners to assess and mitigate gaps …

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