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GAO: Sector-Specific Agencies Should Develop Metrics for Cyber Risk Mitigation Efforts

The Government Accountability Office has urged sector-specific agencies responsible for 12 critical infrastructure sectors to work with sector partners to craft performance metrics and measures to improve the way they report outcomes of their cyber threat mitigation efforts. GAO said in a report published Thursday SSAs that have created metrics for their …

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GAO Recommends DARPA Assess Military Tech Transition Strategies

The Government Accountability Office has urged the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to perform regular assessments on the Defense Department‘s efforts to move innovations from experimental phase into acquisition and deployment stages. GAO made the recommendation after an analysis showed inconsistencies in how DARPA evaluates outcomes of technology transition programs at the department, …

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GAO: DoD Should Review Contracted Services Inventory

The Government Accountability Office has recommended the Defense Department establish measures to evaluate the accuracy and completeness of its contracted services inventory in support of oversight efforts. GAO said in a report to Congress that some DoD agencies do not regularly review their inventories or accurately report contracted services associated with inherently governmental functions. …

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GAO Urges Congress to Make DoD’s Subcontracting Plan Test Program Permanent

The Government Accountability Office recommends that the Defense Department collaborate with Congress to make the Test Program for Negotiation of Comprehensive Small Business Subcontracting Plans permanent. GAO said Monday the program has helped 12 participating companies to save a combined $18.5 million in administrative costs during fiscal 2013. DoD launched the program in 1990 to …

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GAO Report Identifies ‘Deficiencies’ in IRS Financial System Management Strategy

A Government Accountability Office reports the Internal Revenue Service has “continuing and new deficiencies” in IRS’ internal control of its financial reporting systems. GAO said Thursday it examined financial statements filed by IRS for fiscal years 2014 and 2015 and found that the systems cannot differentiate taxes receivable, writeoffs and compliance assessments. …

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GAO Seeks Final DOE, State Dept Strategies to Manage Unobligated Balances

The Government Accountability Office recommends the departments of Energy and State finalize their strategies to manage the unobligated balances in two separate accounts as part of GAO’s study into the use of public funds. GAO said in a report published Friday the unobligated balances for fiscal years 2012 to 2014 are in DOE’s Western Area Power Administration construction, rehabilitation, …

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