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DOE Invests $50M in National Laboratories’ Infrastructure Security R&D Projects

The Energy Department has allocated approximately $50 million for early-stage research and development projects of DOE’s national laboratories with the goal to increase the security and resilience of the country’s energy infrastructure. DOE said Tuesday it awarded grants for seven Resilient Distribution Systems projects, which will develop grid technologies and support grid …

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Ernest Moniz: DOE Plans $220M Investment to Refresh US Power Grid Infrastructure

The Energy Department plans to award as much as $220 million in research and development funds over three years to modernize the U.S. electric power distribution network through a public-private partnership. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz on Thursday unveiled a framework that calls for collaboration between department-backed national laboratories and government agencies, universities and companies in the Grid …

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Report: Energy Dept to Issue Grid Mgmt, Cyber Tech Grants

The U.S. Energy Department is poised to launch a research grants program to encourage DOE’s national laboratories to build technologies that can help fix the U.S.’ power grid management and cybersecurity problems, EnergyWire reported Tuesday. Peter Behr writes research proposals are due Wednesday and the department could award nearly 200 …

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