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James Mattis Says Military Looks to Strengthen Diplomatic Affairs in the Korean Peninsula

Defense Secretary James Mattis has said current efforts prioritize the strengthening of diplomatic affairs with North Korea; but the military prepared options for a potential attack, DoD News reported Tuesday. Mattis talked to reporters about efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula while on his way to the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Security …

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David Norquist: DoD’s Inaugural Financial Audit to Cost $367M in 2018

David Norquist, Defense Department comptroller, has said the first departmentwide financial statement audit is expected to cost approximately $367 million this year, DoD News reported Wednesday. “We also anticipate spending about $551 million in 2018 fixing problems identified by the auditors,” he said Wednesday during his testimony before the House Armed Services Committee. …

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James Mattis: Operations in Syria will Disrupt Islamic State Militant Group Recruitment

James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, has said he expects to witness a lagging indicator that proves recent operations in Syria will diminish the number of recruits and foreign fighters joining the Islamic State militant group’s ranks, DoD News reported Friday. Mattis answered inquiries at the Pentagon regarding topics involving South …

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James Mattis Cites Iran’s Missile Program, Destabilization Efforts in Middle East

Defense Secretary James Mattis has said Iran has been involved in several destabilization activities in the Middle East that include the country’s ballistic missile support to the Houthis against Saudi Arabia, DoD News reported Saturday. Mattis told reporters Friday about Iran’s support to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and …

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