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FAR Council Calls for Info on Public Disclosure of Contractor Greenhouse Gas Emissions

green earth, environment

The Federal Acquisition Regulation Council seeks public comment on a proposed rule that calls for information on the public disclosure of government contractors’ greenhouse gas emissions and reduction strategies. Anne Rung, Ali Zaidi and Christine Harada wrote in a blog post published Wednesday that the proposed rule will focus on the federal government’s supply chain …

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NASA Aims to Get More Data on Supersonic Retropropulsion Through SpaceX’s Red Dragon Spacecraft

spacex launch

SpaceX will help NASA study and test the supersonic retropropulsion landing technology on Mars through the company’s Red Dragon unmanned spacecraft concept under the modified Space Act Agreement, Space News magazine reported Monday. Jeff Foust writes supersonic retropropulsion works to decelerate a rocket engine in the direction of travel. Rob …

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Charles Bolden: NASA Eyes Continued Space Cooperation with Int’l Counterparts

Charles Bolden

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has said the agency’s international counterparts remain interested in spaceflight cooperation projects with the U.S. despite concerns over the next administration’s plans for space programs, Space News reported Monday. Jeff Foust writes Bolden told a Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies breakfast event in Washington that he will meet with officials …

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House Committee Proposes $56B Commerce, Justice, Science Budget for Fiscal 2017


The House Appropriations Committee has unveiled a bill that would provide $56B in discretionary funding for the departments of Commerce and Justice as well as federal science agencies for fiscal year 2017. The committee said Tuesday its proposed Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies budget is $1.4 billion more than the amount President Obama requested …

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Intl Space Station Deploys 2 NASA CubeSats for Swarm Comms Demonstration


The International Space Station launched a pair of small NASA satellites Monday using a NanoRacks-built deployer system as part of an agency project that aims to demonstrate operation and networking of CubeSats in low-Earth orbit. NASA said Wednesday each Node satellite employs the Android mobile operating system and is built with customized software and the Energetic Particle Integrating …

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DoD, NASA, GSA Issue Final Rule on Federal Contractor Data System Protection

acquisition policy

The Defense Department, NASA and the General Services Administration have released a final rule that lists 15 security control measures that seek to protect contractors’ data systems as part of amendments to the Federal Acquisition Regulation, the National Law Review reported Monday. Alexander W. Major writes the rule covers systems that store and process “federal …

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NASA Confirms 1,284 New Planets From Kepler Mission

NASA image

NASA has validated 1,284 new planets from Kepler space telescope’s July 2015 catalog to post a new record as the single largest batch of confirmed planets to date. The space agency said Wednesday the new additions were verified among 4,302 planet candidates after meeting the required probability of more than 99 percent to become planets. Paul Hertz, director …

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NASA, ISS Partners Unveil 2017 Astronaut Crew Members

International Space Station

NASA has selected the astronauts to join two missions scheduled for 2017 that will head to the orbiting laboratory in the International Space Station. NASA said Friday U.S. Navy Capt. Scott Tingle will participate in his first space flight for the Expedition 53 to launch in September 2017 with fellow U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer; Russia’s Ivan Vagner, …

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