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Raytheon’s Mitch Jukanovich: NOAA Among Agencies at Forefront of Cross-Domain Push

Weather forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are increasingly looking to use cross-domain information sharing products for personnel at other agencies to use, Mitch Jukanovich writes in a column for GCN. Jukanovich, director of intelligence and civilian agencies at Raytheon Cyber Products Company, defines cross-domain products as “integrated systems …

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Defense Acquisition University Forms Cyber Education Degree Pact; Christopher Feudo Comments

The Defense Acquisition University and the University of Fairfax have formed an arrangement to allow students that complete classes at DAU to earn post-graduate degrees in cybersecurity at the UoF. Both universities want to give acquisition workers the opportunity to earn critical cybersecurity certifications, as well as master’s and doctoral …

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Obama Calls on Congress to Help Stop ‘Patent Trolls’

President Barack Obama asked Congress on Tuesday to develop tougher measures against companies that routinely file patent lawsuits despite not offering any products, Reuters reports. Diane Bartz writes his request comes as as U.S. courts and lawmakers consider ways to curb unwarranted suits over copyright infringement filed by those companies, deemed …

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Pentagon OKs Apple Devices for Military Networks

Apple has received approval from the Defense Department for its devices to operate on military networks, Bloomberg reports. Nick Taborek and Tony Capaccio write the Pentagon cleared Samsung devices and Blackberry 10 smartphones May 2. A Defense Information Systems Agency representative said last week the clearance would happen soon for …

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Huawei Chief: Company Not a Cyber Threat to US

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies, has denied claims that his company poses a cybersecurity threat to the U.S., Reuters reported Thursday. Lee Chyen Yee writes Zhengfei spoke to the media for the first time during a visit to New Zealand, where the company won …

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