Japan Overhauls Weapon Export Ban

Japan has relaxed its decades-long weapons export ban in a move to bolster its local defense market and strengthen ties with allies around the world, Reuters reported Tuesday. The Japanese ...

Air Force Research Lab Asks Contractors for New Aerial Communication Ideas

The Air Force Research Laboratory has asked contractors to submit ideas for what airborne networking methods and technologies the military could use for multi-altitude tactical communications. AFRL ...

Army to Solicit Commercial IED Detection Tech

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory wants to acquire a surveillance technology that can detect and identify improvised explosive devices in highway culverts and tunnels. ARL and the Joint ...

Brighten Godfrey, Inder Monga: SDN Architecture Could Help Agencies Secure IT Networks

Some technologists working on software-based networking research projects funded by the National Science Foundation and Energy Department believe that SDN technology could bolster the ...
David Miller

David Miller, MIT Professor, Joins NASA as Chief Technologist; Charles Bolden Comments

David Miller David Miller, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has joined NASA to serve as the agency’s chief technologist ...

Katherine Archuleta: OPM Aims for IT Plan to Address Agency’s Tech Requirements

Katherine Archuleta The Office of Personnel Management has released a strategic information technology plan that Director Katherine Archuleta says is intended to address the agency’s ...
NASA photo

Michael Gazarik: NASA Seeks Small Businesses for Technology Contracts

NASA photo NASA plans to award up to $87 million aerospace technology contracts to small businesses following the agency’s selection of 108 research and technology proposals. The ...

Jerome Davin: USDA Developing Mobile Apps to Manage Field Work

The U.S. Agriculture Department has moved to develop mobile applications for agency field staff to manage workloads even in environments with no Internet connectivity, GCN reported ...
U.S. Navy photo

Gregg Jacobs: Naval Research Lab Builds Ocean Weather Monitoring Tech for NOAA

U.S. Navy photo The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration will adopt a weather forecasting model developed by the Naval Research Laboratory to deliver sea-based environmental ...
Laser Weapon System

Army Looks to Industry to Up Its Investment in Laser Technology with 50-Kilowatt Laser Weapon

The U.S. Army is interested in acquiring a laser weapon with an output power of between 500 watts and 50 kilowatts, as well as the ability to maintain the maximum output power continuously ...

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