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Broadband Funding Kicks Off

broadbandVP Biden started the administration’s effort to put more than $2 billion to increase broadband in communities that would not normally have access across the United States last Thursday, December 17th, 2009 during an event in Dawsonville, Georgia.  The plan is to have the $2 billion disbursed over the next 75 days.

According to NextGov, the VP Biden’s office released a statement saying, “The new broadband access with help underserved – and often hard-hit- communities overcome the distance and technology barrier by expanding connectivity between educational institutions, enabling remote medical consultations and attracting new businesses, as well as jobs that come with them.”

The National Economic Council created a report that explains how this expansion of broadband access will bring the cost of private investment down and will additionally be a magnet for Internet service providers to areas that they would usually not be working in. It will also connect those in the communities lacking broadband access and connect schools, hospitals, libraries, and other places to the broadband infrastructure.

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