China Responds to Cyber Attack Allegations

Many Americans support the assumption that China is involved with many of the cyber attacks against our government and Internet infrastructure. A U.S. congressional advisory panel published a report saying that China appeared to be increasingly targeting U.S. computers while gathering data for their military.ddos

The report highlighted that China was the most aggressive nation conducting cyber espionage on the United States. Monday China spoke out against these allegations. Qin Gang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said the attack was twisted.

“We advise this so-called commission to not always look at China through tinted glasses and stop interfering with China’s internal politics and damaging Sino-U.S. ties,” Gang said. He later added that the “report disregards the facts, is full of bias and has ulterior motives.”

The report by the Congressional committee came out less than one week after Obama’s trip to China. The congressional committee is a non-partisan committee made up of 12 members. Established in 2000, the committee’s purpose was to investigate and analyze the growing trade implications of China on the United States.

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