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Cloud Computing Put on Hold

cloudCloud computing decisions are currently being put on hold. This is due to the fact that there have been delays to switching to new services. According to NextGov, the cloud computing has been put on hold because agency officials want to wait until they are at least halfway through the Networx transition.

The ability to rent IT tools and services from different agencies through the web is one of the major cost-cutting factors of shifting to the cloud. However, this process of shifting to cloud computing could take as long as a decade according to some security specialists. Some of the challenges of shifting to the cloud are upfront costs, as well as data protection.

President Obama may require agencies to shift to the cloud. However, the process of moving everything to the new Networtx program will not happen overnight. Moreover, the Senate wants the White House to put more pressure on the agencies because the delays are costing millions of dollars to taxpayers.

To be exact, according to NextGov, Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman and ranking member Susan Collins, said, “Specifically, every month that agencies delaying transitioning to the new program, an estimated $18 million of savings are lost,” in a letter to Jeffrey Zients, the federal Chief Performance Officer.

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