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Michael Duffy

Duffy is the CIO and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Systems for the U.S. Department of Treasury. He has been in this position since September 2008.  Before working at the Department of Treasury, Duffy worked at the Department of Justice.

He was at the U.S. Department of Justice for 15 years and his most recent position there was the Deputy CIO. However, he also held many other roles at the Department of Justice such as the following: Director of Telecommunications, Director of Information Management and Security, as well as the Program Manager for the Justice Consolidated Office Network.

Duffy first started working in the Federal Service in 1987. His first position was at the Department of Health and Human Services where he served as the Presidential Management Intern. Duffy graduated from Bowdoin College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later attended the University of Massachusetts where he earned a Master’s in Public Administration.

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