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Health IT Training Grants at HHS

cdcThe Department of Health and Human Services made known last week that there is $80 million in new health IT training grants. These new grants are aimed at strengthening the country’s health IT labor force. The grants are broken down into two different categories: community college training programs ($70 million) and educational materials ($10 million). According to a press release from the Department of Health and Human Services, David Blumenthal, the national coordinator for HHS, said, “Ensuring the adoption if electronic health records, information exchange among health care providers and public health authorities, and redesign of workflows within health care settings all depend on having qualified pool of workers.” With these programs, there will be a larger pool of skilled health IT workers.

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  1. I am very interested in this particular grant. My consulting comapny is currently developing an educational program for Healthcare specifically to improve Language Access programs. We will focus on technology and program management needs. Can anyone tell me if this grant is still available and if so, what the HHC grant number might be?

    Thanks is advance!

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