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Vivek Kundra Discusses Open Government Directive

Screen-shot-2009-12-09-at-9.44.45-AMOn Tuesday, December 8th, Vivek Kundra, federal CIO, and Aneesh Chopra, federal CTO, held a live webcast to announce the launch of the new Open Government Directive.

Over the past few weeks, we have asked what does this mean for different agencies, how have the agencies been responding to the request for data sets, and what does this directive mean?

We had the opportunity to sit down with Vivek Kundra just a few days after the launch of the directive. He shared with us the types of responses he was getting ever since the launch of the directive. Watch the video below to find out.

Vivek Kundra was just recently named “Chief of the Year” by InformationWeek, even after a short 9 months in office. He is currently making an impact in the government IT operations, and has come far in his career over a short period of time.

Click here to learn his advice to those who hope to be future public service leaders.

To read an exclusive interview with Vivek Kundra, click here.

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