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Admiral Mullen Points Out Bowl Games Deeper Meaning

061104-F-0000A-005x300Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke about the importance of the academy experience at a football bowl game in Fort Worth, Texas. He pointed out that attending these universities are launching potentials for service as a military officers.

He also mentioned how these games really hit home with the military stationed abroad; they are proud of these teams and overall what these academies represent. According to Mullen, “These games are watched around the world and the players playing in them know that so that they represent great institutions.” Additionally, Mullen said that his presence at these games was to remind the players of what their mission is all about.

During an Air Force team pep talk, Mullen was asked what his main reasons were for having a military career. He answered by stating, “First, it would be the mission and serving your country. And then secondly, it’s the people. I met the best people of my entire life when I showed up at Annapolis; it’s been that way right through today: people that care, people that you want to be around, teammates just like this football team here today that really are making a difference and doing something bigger than anything for themselves, so in that regard they’re a very special group, as are all of the service academies.”

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