James Tabbed to Head NSPSTO

nspsJohn H. James, Jr., has been appointed to lead the sizeable task of reforming the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) by serving as director of the NSPS Transition Office (NSPSTO).

He will be charged with overseeing the shift of 226,000 Department of Defense civilians from NSPS to pre-NSPS personnel systems. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (NDAA 2010) ordered the repeal of NSPS and mandated the transition of all NSPS employees, to appropriate non-NSPS personnel systems, without suffering a loss in pay.

The bill is also set to provide for “new authorities regarding a new performance management system; redesigned hiring procedures; mandatory training for supervisors; and the ability for the Department to request Congressional approval for additional personnel authorities and flexibilities.”

NSPS will remain operational through the transitional period for all organizations covered by NSPS until the transition for their particular organization has been completed.

NDAA 2010 requires the entire change to be finalized by January 1, 2011.

The primary goal of the program will be to execute the shift as painlessly as possible for all involved employees.

Learn more about John H. James, Jr. HERE

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  1. Drafted NSPS employees should be returned to the GS system without having to suffer penalties for having been forced to participate in the NSPS System. A GS employee who was conscripted into the NSPS system should be reinstated without penalty to rank or step; in other words each GS employee’s pay should be reviewed and DOD should pay the difference between the two systems to the GS employee and reinstate the GS employee with time and step increases. Why should a Non-NSPS GS employee have higher time and grade then a conscripted NSPS employee who was forced to participate in NSPS

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