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Another D.C. Blizzard Threatens Productivity, Tax Dollars

blizzAfter facing a blizzard of historic proportions this weekend, the Washington, D.C. area is getting ready to batten down the hatches again, as another 15-20’’ is expected drop over Tuesday evening into Wednesday.

Also falling to the ground this week: taxpayer dollars.  With the federal government shut down Monday and Tuesday so far this week – and likely more as another round of precipitation rolls in- taxpayers are losing as much as $100 million per day in lost productivity.

That number may be a little exaggerated in 2010 – with the prevalence of Blackberry technology and telecommuting.

NextGov’s Bob Brewin observes: “During the past three years the agency has equipped about 70 percent of its 4,200 employees in the Washington area with laptop computers and virtual private network connections that allow them to connect to the agency’s unclassified networks, said John Garing, director for strategic planning and information at the Defense Information Systems Agency.”

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