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Call for Internationally Minded Federal Executives

1stchoiceThere are new demands for internationally oriented executives. A recent GovernmentExecutive report stated, “There is a scarcity of leaders and staff well-versed and experienced in the global environment at many traditionally domestic-oriented agencies.”

There is a mind frame that domestic and foreign affairs are separate, when in fact, there is a need for more international responsibility and interaction. Moreover, there is a “lack of government training programs and resources devoted to help fill the void, and a tendency not to deal with the issue until problems arise.”

One agency in particular they mentioned was the FDA, which was originally created in order to be a national regulatory agency because of the massive amounts of drug manufacturing abroad.

The United States is directly impacted by foreign nations and need to be more pro-active in dealing with them. It is not one agency in particular that needs the international collaboration. Energy, climate, healthy, cybersecurity, and anti-terrorism are just a few types of issues that could use international input.

How do we move towards more global engagement in federal agencies? GovernmentExecutive calls for training and career development programs, international leadership skill training, and “in today’s interconnected world, this will require building a new generation of workers and leaders with international experience, a global outlook and the skills to match.”

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