DHS Brings Social Networking to the Border

070223-A-8583M-View of road projectWhile most segments of the federal government are investing in social media as a means of meeting the president’s Open Government directive, some are being a little more creative than others.

The Department of Homeland Security is using social media to help support a major goal – securing the Southwest border.

The site is called outborder.ning.com and it gives uses the ability to engage with DHS and with other citizens on issues surrounding the border and border safety.  Users are able to engage with the site in a variety of ways including posting photos and blogging.

While agencies experiment with different ways of fulfilling the mission of an open government, the active engagement with the public in identifying and addressing policy needs is still a facet of the plan that is coming into its own.

According to the site: Getting to know the other members of Our Border will allow you to start discussions.  Meeting others in the community with similar interests, part similar communities of interest, or cross the border as frequently as you do will allow find specific people in which to talk about our border.

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